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December 23, 2006

Berlin Marriage Records 1801 – 1810

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Berlin Marriages 1801 to 1810

Town Clerk’s Record

1801 to 1810







Israel Dewey DOB 1/26/1777   Betsey Baldwin DOB 12/2/1776 at Norwich, Vt 3/1/1801
John Warren DOB 11/8/1773, Northbury,
  Hannah Knapp DOB 3/26/1773,
Willington Conn.
William Silloway   Sally Fowler   9/23/1801
John Silloway   Lydia Black   12/12/1801
Dudley Sawyer   Olive Field   11/15/1801
Ruel Covell   Nancy Hubbard   12/8/1801
Matthew McAllister   Jenny Pine   12/24/1801
Abner Fowler   Dorcas Johnson   4/4/1802
Jabez Ellis   Prudence Mack   5/7/1802
Benjamin Darling Montpelier, Vt Nancy Smith   6/6/1802
Samuel Hubbard   Polly Nye   9/5/1802
Aaron Pressey   Anne Hubbard   2/1803
Benoni Shurtleff   Experience Wheeler   4/20/1803
Gershom Heaton DOB 5/18/1771   Polly Wallace DOB 1/31/1780   6/19/1803
Ephraim Silloway   Esther Black   10/10/1803
William Dewey DOB 1/6/1772   Abigail Flagg DOB 7/19/1783   4/22/1804
Giles Hill   Pamelia Hubbard   6/3/1804
Jonathan Cady   Jerusha Brown DOB 2/16/1788   7/1/1804
Isaac Freeman   Abigail White   8/16/1804
Rev. James Hobart   Betsey Perrin   8/30/1804
Alfred Reed   Jerusha Grant   10/3/1804
Elliot Harroun   Huldah Gale   10/25/1804
Moses Batchelder   Rebecca Stickney   1/31/1805
James Currier   Anne Bayley DOB 10/6/1786   2/11/1805
James Sawyer   Anne Howe   6/2/1805
Jacob Winn   Sally Flanders   9/19/1805
John Ellis Montpelier, Vt Rebecca Keyes   9/29/1805
Ransford Rogers   Sally Goodnow   10/10/1805
Jonas Parker   Amanda Allen   12/11/1805
Oliver Goss   Hannah Smith   1/2/1806
Silas Black   Priscilla Townsend   1/7/1806
Phineas Therrington Montpelier, Vt Marcia Goodale Montpelier, Vt 3/2/1806
John Stewart   Tamon Hubbard   5/11/1806
Richard Stevens   Molly Flanders   5/22/1806
Eleazer Loomis Northfield, Vt Pollymira Buck   6/26/1806
John Hillery Barre, Vt Hitta Vose   1/1807
Samuel Tillotson   Betsey Wallace   1/6/1807
David Knapp Hanover, NH Prudence Nye DOB 12/15/1785   3/31/1807
Philip Covell Cabot, Vt Lois Nye   4/13/1807
William Grant   Honora Nye DOB 7/17/1793   10/1/1807
Benjamin Ralph  Chelsea, Vt Phebe Hubbard   11/29/1807
David Johnson   Betsey Dutton   12/1/1807
Elijah Witherill Montpelier, Vt Lucretia Bayley   12/1807
Azariah Grant, Jr.    Phebe Vose   12/31/1807
Ezra Chandler   Tabitha Johnson   1/3/1808
Samuel Thompson   Sally Harrington Middlesex, Vt.  2/7/1808
Joseph Grant   Esther Johnson   2/14/1808
Stafford Cummins   Polly Stickney   2/21/1808
Daniel Harrington Middlesex, Vt.  Sally Bayley DOB 2/19/1792   3/1/1808
Cyrus Bayley   Hannah Bayley DOB 4/1/1788   5/5/1808
Chester Nye   Vianna Bradford   10/1/1808
David Nye, Jr. DOB 12/17/1785   Pamelia Perrin   12/8/1808
William Ware Barre, Vt Experience Shurtleff   1/31/1809
Israel Dewey DOB 1/26/1777   Nancy Hovey DOB 12/24/1786   3/1/1809
John Austin Montpelier, Vt Sally McAllister   1810
Chester Smith   Honora Tryon   1/18/1810
Moses Batchelder Dunham P.Q. Abigail Holt   6/14/1810
Ira Andrews   Abigail Black DOB 8/8/1789   9/25/1810




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