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December 23, 2006

Montpelier Marriage Records 1791-1800

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Marriages in Montpelier 1791 to 1800

Town Clerk’s Record








Jacob Davis, Jr.   Caty Taplin   10/3/1791
David Wing   Hannah Davis   11/25/1792
Clark Stevens   Huldah Foster Rochester, Mass 12/30/1792
Barnabas Doty, Jr.   Thankful Wing   1/19/1794
Larned Lamb   Caty West   6/30/1794
Mark Nelson   Polly Allen   7/6/1794
Major Parley Davis   Rebecca Peabody   11/4/1794
John Cutler   Betsey Hayward   12/3/1794
James Taggart   Hannah Haskell   4/28/1795
Capt. Isaac Putnam   Sally Wing   10/25/1795
Nathaniel Peck   Jenny Taggart   11/5/1795
Joseph Wing   Betsey Doty   1/20/1797
William Holmes   Peggy Cummins   4/6/1797
Thomas McKnight   Silence Cutler   7/30/1797
Judah Dodge Marshfield, Vt. Lucy Cutler   7/30/1797
Charles McCloud   Sally Taylor   12/7/1797
Reuben Gray   Ruhannah Allen   12/21/1797
Paul Knapp   Priscilla Edwards   12/24/1797
Lebbeus Egerton Randolph, Vt. Caty Doty   1/16/1798
Lemuel Stevens Barnard, Vt. Reliance Stevens   2/11/1798
Paul Holbrook   Lucy Snow   2/25/1798
Thomas West, Jr.   Polly Davis   3/25/1798
Thomas Vincent Plainfield, Vt. Betsey Burges   12/9/1798
Josiah Truman   Rebekah Young   7/15/1798
Jeremiah Carleton Plainfield, Vt. Deborah Edwards    12/5/1798
Larned Lamb   Lydia Green   1/1/1799
Henry Larned   Lovey Hatch   2/3/1799
John Phelps   Susanna Ellis   4/21/1799
Hinkley Stevens   Priscilla Lumbard   12/1/5/1799
William Marsh   Hannah Nye   2/25/1800
John Gould, Jr.   Betsy Davis   5/4/1800
Eben Dodge, Jr. Marshfield, Vt. Polly Parker   8/24/1800
Julius Meigs, Jr. Essex, Vt. Betsey Wiggins   10/19/1800
Dennis Nye   Betsey Gray   11/3/1800
Charles Stevens   Hannah Lawrence Plainfield, Vt. 1/4/1800




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