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December 23, 2006

Montpelier Marriage Records 1801-1810

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Marriages in Montpelier 1801 to 1810

Town Clerk Records

1801 – 1810







Philip Sparrow Randolph, Vt. Deborah Doty   1/5/1801
Kalso Gray   Anna Wilson Marshfield, Vt. 1/29/1801
Moses Harriman Ulysses, N.Y. Olive Parker   2/21/1801
Isaac Gray   Betsey Stephens   2/21/1801
Amasa Bancroft   Polly Daggett   3/16/1801
Samuel Stone   Polly Wiggins   11/5/1801
Timothy Hubbard   Lucy Davis   12/3/1801
Sayles Hawley   Hannah Hubbard   1/10/1802
Edward Kempton   Ruth Bishop   1/29/1802
Dr. Jacob P. Vargason   Anna Tuthill   2/10/1802
Thomas Lull   Hannah Merritt   2/11/1802
John Daggett   Loruhannah Nealy   4/3/1802
Arthur Daggett, Jr.   Azubah West   6/7/1802
Isaac N. Bulkley   Betsey Darling   7/11/1802
Richard Pitts   Elizabeth Gould   8/4/1802
Nathan Doty   Polly Thompson Barre, Vt. 9/5/1802
Amos Brown Williamstown, Vt. Anne Wakefield   10/24/1802
Samuel Lawson Barre, Vt. Louise Perry   12/19/1802
Micah Hammett   Eunice Putnam   1/6/1803
Rufus Wakefield   Hannah Gilbert   1/27/1803
John Templeton, Jr.   Lorana White   3/14/1803
Matthew Nealy   Hannah Sabin   3/15/1803
John Phelps   Polly Robinson   3/31/1803
Dr. Edward Lamb   Polly Witherill Barre, Vt. 4/10/1803
Russell Putnam   Nabby Blasdell   4/17/1803
John Howland   Cynthia Ainsworth Calais, Vt. 9/17/1803
Abiel French Brookfield, Vt Avis Hammett   9/14/1803
James Peck   Nabby Jones   10/17/1803
David Nealy   Nancy Bancroft   1/1/1804
Thomas Andrews   Esther Beckwith   1/3/1804
Miles Washburn Plainfield, Vt. Polly McCloud   6/4/1804
Stephen Daggett   Polly Doty   7/8/1804
Daniel Saben   Charlotte Cooper   10/17/1804
Moses Parmenter   Sally Cutler   10/17/1804
Gen. Benjamin Wait Waitsfield, Vt. Mrs. Mehitable Burdick   10/14/1804
John Davis, Jr.   Remembrance Emerson   10/18/1804
Daniel Culver   Betsey Lyman   11/27/1804
Joseph Gould   Polly Davis   12/9/1804
Simon Cummins   Sally Konel   12/1/1804
Foster Pope   Naomi Wheeler   12/27/1804
Cornelius Young Plainfield, Vt. Asenath Doty   1/1/1805
Eliphalet Cushman   Rachel Kempton   3/11/1805
Libbeus Sherman   Joanna Nye   11/4/1805
Jonathan Eddy   Lydico Kingsley   12/5/1805
David Barton   Ann Ails   12/5/1805
Andrew Allen   Eunice Minor   12/3/1806
Jacob Goldthwait   Polly Southwick   5/1/1806
Asa Church Berlin, Vt. Lydia Lewis   5/22/1806
George Worthington   Clarissa Davis   10/1/1806
Josiah Freeman   Peggy Moore   10/19/1806
William Templeton, Jr.   Polly White   10/19/1806
Benjamin Brown Stanstead, P.Q. Jerusha Hill   10/23/1806
William Lewis Middlesex, Vt.  Hannah Hatch Middlesex, Vt.  12/5/1806
Elijah McKnight   Polly Allen   12/25/1806
James Southwick   Polly Lawson Barre, Vt.  12/30/1806
Micah Flanders Newport, Vt.  Dolly Goodenough Berlin, Vt.  2/26/1807
Nathan Kelton   Lucy Moseley   4/26/1807
Elisha Gove, Jr.    Abigail Ring   5/17/1807
George Brown   Hannah Pine   6/7/1807
David Cutler   Nabby Carryl   6/14/1807
David Gould   Polly Carry   7/5/1807
James Morse   Cynthia Briggs   7/30/1807
Paul Holbrook   Nancy Hammett   8/16/1807
John McGran Bennett   Patience Miner   9/20/1807
Nathaniel Preston   Anne Chamberlain   9/27/1807
Avery Gilman Marshfield, Vt.  Polly Little   11/8/1807
Simeon Gould   Anne Lewis   12/3/1807
Josiah Alling   Polly Gray   1/3/1808
Charles Nelson   Sina Davis   1/17/1808
Samuel Hilliard   Loris Slade   3/25/1808
Theophilus Lumbard   Nancy Prouty   8/14/1808
John Eddy Calais, Vt.  Relief Merritt   10/9/1808
David Warner Bennett   Relief Sprague   10/26/1808
James Arbuckle   Zipporah Cutler   10/27/1808
Stephen Davis   Betsey Fuller Calais, Vt.  11/8/1808
Solomon Dodge, Jr.    Rebecca Hammond   11/16/1808
Archibald Kidd   Loiza Baldwin   12/8/1808
Silas Jones   Nabby Forbes   12/8/1808
Daniel Fisk   Sally Comstock Middlesex, Vt.  1/22/1809
David Gray   Drusilla Le Barron   2/26/1809
Joseph Burneau   Polly Dodge   3/26/1809
Samuel Meeds   Margaret Hines   4/6/1809
Royal Lumbard   Marian Doty   4/16/1809
David Bates   Orpah Washburn   4/30/1809
Joseph Wiggins   Lucy Gaylord Berlin, Vt.  11/12/1809
Naum Kelton   Fanny Vincent   12/7/1809
Alexander Rallston Bethel, Vt.  Maryan Hosmer   1/2/1810
Joshua Y. Vail   Mary Tuthill   1/27/1810
William Burgess   Esther Williams   1/28/1810
Isaac Grant   Esther Howard   3/6/1810
Stephen Manwell Richmond, Vt.  Dulcenia Vincent   3/8/1810
John Cate   Patience Gove   7/1/1810
John B. Kelton Calais, Vt.  Sally Ames   7/5/1810
Barnard Kelton Calais, Vt.  Cynthia Saunders   9/2/1810
Benjamin Willey   Hannah Hill   11/25/1810
Sylvester Larabe   Clarrissa Griswold   12/16/1810





  1. Just a note on accuracy… can you please check your source documents to verify? I’ve seen this exact same document reproduced on as well as another place. The entry for Andrew Allen & Eunice Minor is alternately listed as December 3rd, January 3rd and January 13th depending on which place you look at this document. I can’t help but think that the rest of the entries have mistakes as well.

    Comment by Marten — November 23, 2009 @ 1:43 pm

  2. 11/20/1835. Reuben E. Pearsons. Irene Gallison. 11/26/1835. Goldsbury Taplin. Corinth, Vt.

    I need to find the family of Irene she is my ggggrandmother. and Reuben Eddy Parsons if the right name of Reuben E pearsons on the records that i find. His children are named persons on the censuses records had hard time find all this. lol Any help would be appreciated Thank you John Collins

    Comment by John R Collins — December 12, 2009 @ 2:28 am

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