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December 23, 2006

Vermont Korean War Casualities

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Korean War Casualty List


Vermont Military Personnel Who Died From Hostile Action (Including Missing and Captured) In the Korean War (1950 – 1957)

Listed By Home State, then Place, then Name


Name Rank Branch of Service Home of Record Date of Casualty Cause of Casualty
Boisvenue, John P. Sgt.  Army Addison 8/3/1950 Killed in Action
Desautels, Richard  Cpl. Army Addison 12/1/1950 Died While Captured
Wagner, Richard H. Cpl. Army Addison 2/13/1951 Died While Captured
White, Albert W. Pvt. Army Addison 7/16/1950 Killed in Action
Williams, Robert H. PFC Army Addison 3/28/1951 Killed in Action
Gardner, Frederick PFC Army Bennington 4/25/1951 Killed in Action
King, Vernon R.  Pvt.  Army Bennington 1/7/1951 Died While Captured
Kinney, Frank E.  Pvt.  Army Bennington 11/6/1951 Killed in Action
Leonard, Dwight F. PFC Army Bennington 10/10/1951 Killed in Action
Nousiainen, Reino Pvt. Army Bennington 4/6/1951 Killed in Action
Robinson, Robert H. PFC Army Bennington 8/21/1952 Killed in Action
Westervelt, Dirck D. 1 Lt. Air Force Burlington 4/29/1951 Died of Wounds
Drown, Harold E.  PFC Army Caledonia 7/20/1950 Died While Missing
Gallant, Herman D. PFC Army Caledonia 5/19/1951 Killed in Action
Gates, Donald L.  Cpl. Army Caledonia 10/19/1952 Killed in Action
Morey, Leon C. Sgt.  Army Caledonia 9/8/1950 Killed in Action
Winchester, Gordon PFC Army Caledonia 11/24/1951 Killed in Action
Aunchman, Clarence Cpl Army Chittenden 5/19/1951 Died While Missing
Benoit, Marcel P. PFC Army Chittenden 9/19/1950 Killed in Action
Carey, Maurice F.  Pvt.  Army Chittenden 10/5/1952 Killed in Action
Childs, Raymond A. Pvt. Army Chittenden 2/12/1953 Killed in Action
Couillard, Paul R. PFC Army Chittenden 11/28/1950 Died While Missing
Deponti, Salvatore Cpl. Army Chittenden 9/2/1950 Killed in Action
Dillon, George A. PFC Army Chittenden 9/20/1950 Killed in Action
Fleming, Ronald R. Pvt. Army Chittenden 11/30/1950 Died While Captured
Fondry, Gerald E. MSGT Army Chittenden 7/11/1952 Died of Wounds
Formica, Conrad F. Cpl Army Chittenden 8/31/1951 Killed in Action
Goldberg, Bailey H. 1Lt Army Chittenden 10/15/1952 Died of Wounds
Jennings, David B. 1Lt Army Chittenden 12/8/1952 Killed in Action
Metivier, Alphege M. Cpl Army Chittenden 7/31/1952 Killed in Action
Perreault, George A. PFC Army Chittenden 2/13/1951 Died While Missing
Porter, James B. 1Lt Army Chittenden 7/11/1953 Killed in Action
Post, Arthur H. PFC Army Chittenden 8/14/1950 Killed in Action
Safford, Joseph H. PFC Army Chittenden 2/13/1951 Died While Missing
Lanctot, Jean A. PFC Army Essex 2/28/1951 Killed in Action
Leonard, Albert N. Sgt. Army Essex 4/15/1952 Killed in Action
McKinney, Arnold E. SFC Army Essex 11/4/1950 Killed in Action
Woodbury, Wesley R. Pvt Army Essex 11/22/1952 Killed in Action
May, Delmar Eugene Sgt Marines Fair Haven 11/29/1950 Killed in Action
LaRochelle, Wilfred O. SSgt Marines Fairfield 3/27/1953 Killed in Action
Campbell, Duncan A. Pvt Army Franklin 3/9/1951 Killed in Action
Church, Merle E. PFC Army Franklin 9/20/1950 Killed in Action
Gardner, Lawrence N. Cpl Army Franklin 3/28/1951 Killed in Action
Gardner, Maurice P. PFC Army Franklin 11/30/1950 Died While Captured
Neary, Richard A. PFC Army Franklin 11/30/1950 Died While Captured
Hamlin, Robert J. SFC Army Grand Isle 11/20/1950 Killed in Action
Foster, Larry F. Pvt. Army Lamoille 2/11/1951 Killed in Action
Keith, Lester R. Pvt. Army Lamoille 2/12/1951 Killed in Action
Escott, Francis William 1Lt Air Force Montpelier 12/31/1953 Died While Missing
Muer, Frederick M. 2Lt Marines Newport 5/11/1951 Killed in Action
Trask, Nelson E. PFC Army Orange 6/11/1951 Killed in Action
Bailey, Clair E. Pvt. Army Orleans 7/20/1950 Died While Missing
Hamelin, Marvin G. PFC Army Orleans 11/27/1950 Died While Captured
Smith, Vernon D. Cpl Army Orleans 11/1/1950 Died While Captured
Swett, Melvin A. Cpl Army Orleans 6/21/1952 Killed in Action
Bird, Robert James Capt Air Force Rutland 11/20/1953 Died While Missing
Burke, Lawrence E. PFC Army Rutland 1/28/1951 Killed in Action
Cameron, Porter S. Pvt. Army Rutland 2/20/1951 Killed in Action
Coleman, Richard F. Cpl Army Rutland 9/12/1950 Killed in Action
Cram, Earl H. Pvt. Army Rutland 10/12/1950 Killed in Action
Mangan, Richard A. PFC Army Rutland 5/19/1951 Killed in Action
McCullough, Robert PFC Army Rutland 8/23/1950 Killed in Action
Phillips, Raymond E Cpl Army Rutland 6/8/1951 Killed in Action
Phillips,. Richard E. Pvt. Army Rutland 9/24/1951 Killed in Action
Tanner, Arlond M. Jr. PFC Army Rutland 11/30/1950 Died While Captured
Towne, Charles E. PFC Army Rutland 2/4/1951 Died While Captured
Wiskoski, John L. SFC Army Rutland 10/21/1950 Killed in Action
Smith, Francis R. Cpl Marines South Londonderry 7/25/1953 Killed in Action
Gedney, Kendall Courtney LTJG Navy Takoma Park 3/9/1953 Killed in Action
Bashaw, Donald B. Pvt. Army Washington 5/14/1953 Killed in Action
Hazlett, Charles W. Sgt. Army Washington 9/19/1952 Killed in Action
Izor, Paul PFC Army Washington 6/16/1953 Died of Wounds
Mallette, Richard L. Sgt Army Washington 4/9/1951 Killed in Action
Miner, Donald W. Pvt. Army Washington 7/12/1950 Died While Captured
Page, Mark G. SFC Army Washington 12/1/1950 Died While Captured
Robinson, James H. PFC Army Washington 11/30/1950 Died While Captured
Woodcock, Frank E. 2Lt Army Washington 8/17/1952 Killed in Action
Brace, Calvin Howard Cpl Marines Wells 9/3/1950 Killed in Action
Nicora, Robert Jelio, Jr. SGT Marines White River Junction 8/17/1952 Killed in Action
Abbott, Richard F. SFC Army Windham 11/30/1950 Died While Captured
Giroux, Frederick J. 1Lt Army Windham 11/2/1950 Died While Captured
Hall, Stanley F. Cpl Army Windham 6/14/1952 Killed in Action
Lauzon, Joseph R. Pvt. Army Windham 1/12/1951 Killed in Action
Lowe, James G. Pvt Army Windham 7/25/1950 Killed in Action
Miller, Reuben Sgt Army Windham 6/14/1952 Killed in Action
Perkins, Donald J. Cpl Army Windham 7/24/1953 Killed in Action
Turcotte, Ray C. Cpl Army Windham 2/6/1951 Killed in Action
Adams, Roger K. Cpl Army Windsor 7/16/1951 Killed in Action
Baker, Clifton G. PFC Army Windsor 11/26/1950 Killed in Action
Raynes, Ralph O. PFC Army Windsor 10/5/1951 Killed in Action
Rich, Theodore, L PFC Army Windsor 9/12/1950 Killed in Action
Tapper, John H. Sgt Army Windsor 9/19/1951 Killed in Action

*For persons who died while missing or captured, the date of casualty is the date died or declared dead, not the date declared missing or captured.

 **Army lists County; Air Force, Navy and Marines list city or town or place.


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