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December 23, 2006

Vermont Vietnam Casualties

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Vietnam Casualty List

 Vermont Military Personnel Who Died (Including Missing and Captured Declared Dead) as a result of the Vietnam conflict, 1957-1995

Listed Alphabetically by Homestate, Homecity, and thereunder by Name as of November 1997


Name Rank Branch Home of Record Date of Death Place of Death Date of Birth Casualty Type
Humphrey Harvey Edward CPL Army Barnet 5/26/1971 S. Vietnam 6/25/1949 Hostile, Killed
Carr, Stephen  Douglas Capt Army Barre 8/26/1970 S. Vietnam 11/29/1943 Hostile, Killed
Gallagher, George Francis HN Navy Barre 8/29/1967 S. Vietnam 3/21/1947 Hostile, Killed
Levesque, Stephen Douglas LCPL Marines Barre 12/5/1969 S. Vietnam 4/6/1949 Hostile, Killed
Inkel, Guy Marcel SGT Army Beecher Falls 8/26/1969 S. Vietnam 9/14/1948 Hostile, Killed
Colvin, Gerald Selah PFC Army Bennington 7/8/1969 S. Vietnam 11/20/1948 Hostile, Killed
Wood, Barry Russell SP4 Army Bradford 11/2/1966 S. Vietnam 8/2/1945 Non-Hostile
Baker, Stanley Martin 2Lt Army Brattleboro 5/20/1967 S. Vietnam 4/27/1938 Hostile, Killed
Blake, John Charles HM3 Navy Brattleboro 3/21/1970 S. Vietnam 3/24/1945 Non Hostile
Dartt, Paul Richard SP4 Army Brattleboro 11/24/1968 S. Vietnam 3/20/1946 Hostile, Killed
Ulmer, Jan Alan 1Lt Army Brattleboro 4/18/1968 S. Vietnam 5/16/1943 Hostile, Killed
Orvis, Douglas Gordon 1Lt Army Bristol 7/29/1968 S. Vietnam 6/3/1942 Hostile, Killed
Larocque, Leslie Howard WO Army Brookfield 11/27/1968 S. Vietnam 3/27/1948 Hostile, Killed
Bailey, Kenneth Dean Capt Army Burlington 3/22/1969 S. Vietnam 12/5/1942 Hostile, Killed
Bove, Harmon Joseph Jr.  CPL Marines Burlington 3/4/1970 S. Vietnam 3/13/1950 Hostile, Wounds
McKenzie, Edward Austin PFC Army Burlington 8/19/1968 S. Vietnam 12/2/1947 Hostile, Wounds
Ritchie, Bernard Fredrick LCPL Marines Burlington 4/21/1969 S. Vietnam 1/17/1948 Hostile, Killed
Rutherford, Leroy CPL Army Burlington 9/3/1969 S. Vietnam 6/1/1946 Non Hostile
Vandeventer, John Wilton 1LT Air Force Burlington 4/23/1967 S. Vietnam 1/4/1942 Hostile, Killed
Washington, Louis Weldon PVT Marines Burlington 10/26/1968 S. Vietnam 12/13/1947 Hostile, Killed
Thompson, Francis Lloyd SP5 Army Chelsea 6/6/1969 S. Vietnam 11/25/1947 Hostile, Wounds
Johnson, Dean Herbert SSgt Army Craftsbury 3/8/1969 S. Vietnam 1/15/1948 Hostile, Killed
Hall, Gary Albert CPL Marines Cuttingsville 8/29/1968 S. Vietnam 2/15/1949 Hostile, Killed
Howard, Harvey Rickert SP4 Army Danby 10/16/1967 S. Vietnam 12/15/1946 Hostile, Killed
Badger, Bruce Lyle SP4 Army Danville 4/2/1968 S. Vietnam 7/16/1946 Hostile, Wounds
Wilkins, Allan Francis SP4 Army Dorset 4/8/1971 S. Vietnam 9/11/1950 Non Hostile
Sweeney, John Edward LCPL Marines East Poultney 7/18/1968 S. Vietnam 5/14/1949 Hostile, Wounds
Delaney, Richard Lawrence SGT Arny Essex 7/7/1969 S. Vietnam 6/13/1949 Hostile, Killed
Treadwell, Eugene Durwood SGT Army Essex Center 2/3/1968 S. Vietnam 6/17/1943 Hostile, Killed
Baker, Bruce Allan PFC Marines Essex Junction 7/24/1966 S. Vietnam 5/21/1947 Hostile, Killed
Lavigne, Stewart James CPL Army Essex Junction 8/19/1969 S. Vietnam 12/4/1950 Hostile, Killed
Pettis, Steven Gene SP4 Army Fair Haven 5/14/1969 S. Vietnam 11/11/1948 Hostile, Killed
Rivers, Nelson Keith LCPL Marines Ferrisburgh 1/26/1967 S. Vietnam 6/9/1947 Hostile, Killed
Gaboriault, Sanford Rene SSGT Army Franklin 5/6/1968 S. Vietnam 8/25/1939 Hostile, Killed
Witham, James George SP4 Army Franklin 5/16/1969 S. Vietnam 1/16/1948 Hostile, Killed
St. George, Fred David SGT Marines Hinesburg 9/10/1967 S. Vietnam 7/20/1947 Hostile, Killed
Frizzell, Marshall Ray Capt Army Island Pond 2/20/1966 S. Vietnam 12/1/1931 Non Hostile
Byrne, Wayne Eugene PFC Army Johnson 4/16/1969 S. Vietnam 4/19/1949 Hostile, Killed
Sargent, Rollin Chesley, Jr.  MSGT Army Johnson 10/22/1964 S. Vietnam 1/13/1927 Non Hostile
Weightman, Kenneth G. Jr. AIC Air Force Johnson 6/10/1966 S. Vietnam 10/5/1939 Non Hostile
Wilbur, Dennis PFC Army Killington 2/4/1967 S. Vietnam 10/15/1948 Hostile, Killed
Gomez, Gelasio Nicanor Jr.  SSGT Army Lwr. Graniteville 5/1/1968 S. Vietnam 4/27/1939 Hostile, Killed
OConnor, Edwin Thomas Jr.  LCPL Marines Ludlow 6/17/1966 S. Vietnam 11/12/1946 Hostile, Killed
Green, Richard Albert 1LT Army Manchester 12/3/1971 S. Vietnam 12/15/1948 Hostile, Killed
Dooley, James Edward LCDR Navy Manchester Ctr 12/3/1973 S. Vietnam 11/14/1942 MISSING BNR
Bacon, Clifton Leroy PFC Army Manchester 5/5/1966 S. Vietnam 1/18/1944 Non Hostile
Jordan, Roger Francis SGT Army Milton 5/20/1968 S. Vietnam 1/16/1946 Hostile, Killed
Sheldon, Edward Clarence SGT Army Milton 3/25/1968 S. Vietnam 11/29/1946 Hostile, Killed
Long, Perley Milford Jr. PVT Army Montpelier 9/14/1967 S. Vietnam 8/17/1946 Illness
Walbridge, William Robert PFC Army Montpelier 4/18/1970 S. Vietnam 8/22/1951 Non Hostile
Fielder, Robert Fletcher PFC Marines Moretown 3/3/1966 S. Vietnam 7/1/1944 Hostile, Killed
Bassignani, William John 1LT Army Newfane 8/18/1969 S. Vietnam 1/21/1943 Hostile, Killed
Currier, Philip Buchanan LCPL Marines Newport 1/16/1969 S. Vietnam 7/14/1948 Hostile, Killed
Haselton, John Herbert 1LT Air Force Newport 5/11/1972 S. Vietnam 3/6/1948 MISSING BNR
Morse, Durwood Glennie PFC Army Newport 12/13/1968 S. Vietnam 12/20/1948 Hostile, Killed
Shompany. Ernest Von CPL Army Newport 6/23/1968 S. Vietnam 11/12/1942 Hostile – Wounds
Henry, Edward Douglas PFC Marines N. Clarendon 11/6/1968 S. Vietnam 12/12/1948 Hostile, Killed
Carr, Freeman Abraham CAPT Army Northfield 9/16/1969 S. Vietnam 11/11/1942 Hostile – Wounds
Dickinson, Eugene Harold SGT Army Northfield 5/21/1967 S. 11/14/1945 Hostile, Killed
Gillespie, Daniel Craig SGT Army Northfield Falls 4/28/1967 S. Vietnam 11/15/1947 Hostile – Wounds
Greene, Allen Joseph LCPL Marines Orwell 2/5/1969 S. Vietnam 7/28/1947 Non Hostile
Randall, Wayne Michael PFC Army Passumpsic 4/17/1969 S. Vietnam 12/10/1948 Hostile, Killed
Clark, Roger William SP4 Army Pittsfield 7/10/1967 S. Vietnam 2/18/1947 Hostile, Killed
Greene, Philip F.  SP4 Army Poultney 2/29/1968 S. Vietnam 10/4/1947 Hostile, Killed
Morrison, Bruce Austin PFC Marines Proctor 1/13/1968 S. Vietnam 7/13/1948 Hostile, Killed
Burnham, Roger Clark UT3 Navy Randolph 3/2/1969 S. Vietnam 11/25/1942 Non Hostile
Deuso, Carroll Joseph BTCM Navy Richford 12/15/1970 S. Vietnam 3/1/1934 Non Hostile
Maxham, Ralph Arden Jr PFC Army Roxbury 2/22/1966 S. Vietnam 10/19/1945 MISSING BNR
Archer, Allen H SFC Army Rutland 3/22/1967 S. Vietnam 12/19/1937 MISSING, BNR
Birmingham, Edward Arnold PSGT Army Rutland 10/2/1967 S. Vietnam 12/11/1940 MISSING, BNR
Fish, Joseph Kenneth LCPL Marines Rutland 1/19/1968 S.Vietnam 9/6/1947 Hostile, Killed
Silva, Joseph Anthony 1LT Army Rutland 9/261970 S. Vietnam 11/18/1946 Non Hostile
Stone, Robert Douglas SSGT Army Salisbury 7/21/1968 S. Vietnam 7/19/1941 Hostile, Killed
Frappiea, Fred C.H.Jr PFC Army Saxtons River 3/22/1968 S. Vietnam 12/5/1947 Hostile, Killed
Morin, Donald William LCPL Marines S. Burlington 2/16/1970 S. Vietnam 2/26/1949 Non Hostile
Russell, John Malcolm Jr. PFC Marines S. Burlington 3/6/1968 S. Vietnam 4/30/1949 Hostile, Killed
Ashline, Paul Stuart PFC Army St. Albans 3/30/1966 S. Vietnam 7/17/1946 Missing, BNR
Begnoche, Reginald Peter SP4 Army St. Albans 9/4/1969 S. Vietnam 7/9/1948 Non Hostile
Doner, Patrick Ralph PFC Army St. Albans 8/4/1967 S. Vietnam 11/17/1948 Hostile, Wounds
Lamothe, George Andrew SP4 Army St. Albans 8/4/1967 S. Vietnam 11/17/1948 Hostile, Wounds
Lestage, William Fred LCPL Marines St. Albans 2/3/1969 S. Vietnam 6/28/1949 Hostile, Killed
Lacroix, Paul Douglas SSGT Army St. Johnsbury 12/18/1970 S. Vietnam 10/5/1946 Non Hostile
Paquette, Bruce Armand SP4 Army St. Johnsbury 10/13/1967 S. Vietnam 7/11/1944 Hostile, Killed
Walker, George Edward Jr.  SFC Army Swanton 5/26/1970 S. Vietnam 6/19/1931 Hostile, Killed
Tuttle, Alfred Joseph SP4 Army Union Village 9/11/1971 S. Vietnam 3/1/1944 Hostile, Killed
Brileya, David Alan PFC Army Vergennes 6/11/1967 S. Vietnam 9/10/1947 Hostile, Killed
Hill, Gary Paul PFC Marines Vergennes 5/1/1968 S. Vietnam 5/29/1949 Hostile, Killed
Orr, Brian Stanley CPL Army Waitsfield 5/12/1970 S. Vietnam 2/4/1950 Hostile, Wounds
Weston, Wendall Allen SP4 Army Warren 5/12/1969 S. VIetnam 4/27/1948 Hostile, Killed
Lafayette, John Wayne MAJ Army Waterbury 11/15/1973 Laos 8/1/1939 Missing, BNR
LaCourse, David Anthony SGT Army West Burke 5/3/1969 S. Vietnam 12/9/1948 Hostile, Killed
Rock, Allen Clarence PFC Army Williston 8/20/1966 S. Vietnam 9/16/1945 Hostile, Killed
Callahan, David Francis, Jr.  LCDR Navy Windsor 9/23/1968 N. Vietnam 11/10/1934 Non Hostile
Holland, John Henry LCPL Marines Windsor 4/28/1967 S. Vietnam 4/12/1945 Hostile, Killed
Ivanov, Wilbur William SP4 Army Windsor 11/11/1965 S. Vietnam 10/24/1942 Non Hostile
Germain, Philip Michael SGT Army Winooski 2/1/1968 S. Vietnam 12/6/1947 Hostile, Killed
Lesage, Armand Paul PFC Marines Winooski 4/7/1968 S. Vietnam 5/7/1947 Non Hostile
Nowicki, John Paul SSGT Army Winooski 9/1/1968 S. Vietnam 9/13/1936 Non Hostile
Smith, Harold Roger PFC Army Winooski 4/3/1968 S. Vietnam 6/18/1946 Hostile, Killed
Fitzgerald, William Charles LT Navy Worcester 4/7/1967 S. Vietnam 1/28/1938 Hostile, Killed

*For persons who died while missing or captured, the date of casualty is the date 
died or declared dead, 
not the date declared missing or captured.  @BNR indicates that the body has not
 been recovered.

Source:  [Southeast Asia] Combat Area Casualties Current File (CACCF), as of 
November 1997 (electronic record), 
Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Record Group 330, 
The National Archives at College Park. 



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