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December 24, 2006

Montpelier Marriage Records 1851 – 1852

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Montpelier Marriages 1851 to 1852

Town Clerk’s Record

1851 to 1852







William H. Brown   Lucynde E. Harran Moretown, Vt.  1/5/1851
William H. Phelps   Hannah W. Bryant Middlesex, Vt 2/16/1851
Freeman Godfrey Vershire, Vt.  Abby Eastman Vershire, Vt.  3/25/1851
James M. Gould   Phebe Jones   5/18/1851
Harry Boutwell   Lucy Mead   6/4/1851
Henry Howes Sheldon, Vt Julia A. Loomis   6/17/1851
William S. Randall   Brittania E. Luce   7/1/1851
Eleazer Quimby Northfield, Vt Mary Carr Northfield, Vt 7/7/1851
Daniel Newcomb   Calista H. Smith   9/9/1851
Columbus F. Howe Berlin, Vt Emeline S. Bailey Middlesex, Vt 11/24/1851
Ira A. Marsh Calais, Vt. Eliza M. Davis   12/31/1851
Benjamin F. Morse   Mary L. Goodwin   12/14/1851
Michael Hammett East Montpelier, Vt Caroline Merritt   12/18/1851
Christopher Dwinell Marshfield, Vt Sarah Jaquith Middlesex, Vt 12/28/1851
T.S. Colby Berlin, Vt Martha Keyes Moretown, Vt 12/31/1851
Joseph A. Prentiss   Rebecca D. Loomis   1/1/1852
Roderick W. Phillip Duxbury, Vt Ann Griffith Waterbury, Vt 1/1/1852
D. W. Dudley   Helen F. Hammond   1/13/1852
Dexter M. Briggs Middlesex, Vt Almira A. Tracy   1/20/1852
David W. Hancock Berlin, Vt Harriet Marsh   1/20/1852
George W. Nichols   Sarah L. Cadwell   1/27/1852
Hazen Little East Montpelier, Vt Mary C. Clark  East Montpelier, Vt 2/22/1852
James R. Cofrin   Betsey Hall   3/1/1852
Chauncy K. Hills Waterbury, Vt Rhoda Ellen Watson Waterbury, Vt 3/1/1852
S.C. Williams Northfield, Vt Jane L. Strong Northfield, Vt 3/3/1852
Christopher Brooks East Montpelier, Vt Sarah G. McKnight   3/23/1852
Charles E. Lapham Fitchburg, Mass Eliza Ann Clark   5/5/1852
John H. Smith Middlesex, Vt Elizabeth Cave Middlesex, Vt 6/5/1852
Lewis A. DeWitte   Lorinda Merritt   8/4/1852
Abijah Keith   Sarah A. Miller   8/17/1852
Henry B. Wood Johnson, Vt Amanda Webster   8/24/1852




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