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March 6, 2007

Burlington Free Press Memorials 07/2001

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July 2001

July 1

7/1/69 – 12/28/00 It has been six months and three days since you were taken
away. Some days it seems like yesterday, and other days like forever. Words
are unable to explain the sorrow and pain that we feel. We will never again
see your face, your smile, hear you laugh, or feel your warm hugs and
kisses. It’s on this day, most especially, that I remember all of the things
we have done, and all of the things we had yet to do. We’ll never be able to
see you walk down the aisle, get married, or have children of your own.
You’ll never be able to experience the unending love for your child, as I
have for you, throughout your life and eternity.. So, Happy 32nd Birthday,
baby girl. Your’re now God’s perfect angel and remember always “”I’ll Be.”
Love, your Mom and Marty XOXOXOX

July 4

memory of LILLIAN Z. GILL 9/20/1918 – 7/4/2000 We miss you, we think of
you, and you were the best. Love, Your family


memory of ELIZABETH MELVINA POIRIER 8/16/1912 – 7/4/1971 Mom, I look up
toward heaven and I can see you smiling down at us. You are letting us know
you are happy in the arms of Jesus, and that you are holding your grandson,
Roger. I bet you are both making everyone laugh and giving all the angels the
love you always gave to us. We all miss you both so very much and never will
forget you. All my love, You daughter, Patricia

July 5

In loving memory CELEY HANDY GAMACHE 7/5/1930 – 11/12/1992 Dear Mom, We
love you and miss so much every day, especially on your birth-day. Love, your

July 6
In memory of ELIZABETH MELVINA PERYEA 8/16/1912 – 7/4/1971 Mom, I look up toward heaven and I can
see you smiling down at us. You are letting us know you are happy in the arms
of Jesus, and that you are holding your grandson, Roger. I bet you are both
making everyone laugh and giving all the angels the love you always gave to
us. We all miss you both so very much and never will forget you. All my love,
You daughter, Patricia
July 9

7/9/1958 – 5/28/2001 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! Today
you would have been 43. You were just 42 days from 43 when God decided to
call you home. Everyone misses you more than ever. Everything we do reminds
us of you. We all think about you every day. Happy Birthday, Dad! With lots
of love, Janet, Shannon, Peter Happy Birthday, PaPa! We love and miss you.
Love, Alicia, Brian, Lakeisha, Katrina, and Damien

July 10
6/10/2001 – 7/10/2001 We love and miss you. Your husband, Carl; your
children, Sandy, Elaine, Debbie, Bill, Laurie and Bill; and grandchildren
July 11

4/4/1980 – 7/11/2000 God saw you getting tired, a
cure was not to be. He put His arms around you, whispered “”Come to me.””
With tearful eyes we watched you pass away. Although we love you dearly, we
could not make you stay. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes
the best. We love and miss you. Mom, Brad, and family

July 12
1949 – 1998 Please, Lord, open the gate and tell her that our hearts are
full of love for our precious Sharon Rose, who is with you up above. Lord,
love and always keep her in your tender loving care. Someday she shall hear
us call her name, as each of us will climb that golden stair. All of your
loving family
07/12/39 – 7/12/01 Happy Birthday! Today you would have been 62, with 6 kids,
14 grandkids, and 1 great-grandson. You would have spoiled him more than I do.
Luv, Judy Matot
July 15

LOUIS B. BOVE 7-15-00 – 7-15-01 Death cannot diminish the way you loved us.
Grief cannot take away the happiness we shared. Sorrow will fade in time, but
our love remains forever. We miss you dearly. Love, Your family.

July 16
In memory of ROSE & KRIS MUMMERT 6/8/2001 & 4/14/1998 To all our friends, neighbors and
relatives whom we have or have not been able to thank personally for all
your loving thoughts, Jon and I want to thank you from the bottom of our
hearts. Please remember that whomever these two beautiful souls have been
and however they entered our hearts, there is a trail of beautiful memories
for all of us to enjoy. Bob
July 17
April 6, 1918 – Dec 30, 2000 July 17, 1970 Happy Anniversary, Jim-Jim I love
you, Bev

April 7, 1921 – July 16, 2000 Mom’s are very special in
so many ways. So when you have your mom, cherish her everyday. There might
become a time when your mom has to leave. Remember she is with the angels and
wouldn’t want you to grieve. She wants nothing but your happiness to see your
smiles galore. To live, to love, enjoy your life before you meet her at that
door. Mom’s love, support and guidance will help us meet that goal. We love
you mom and miss you with all our hearts and souls. One day at a time mom.
Your loving family.

July 18
In Loving Memory of  Laura Lynn Lowell July 18, 1976 – Aug. 1, 1995 Happy 25th Birthday Half
Pint Loved and missed more than words can ever say

Dec. 9, 1939 – July 18, 1997 In loving memory of the
many years we had together. Still miss you. Your husband Pat.


IN MEMORY OF BEVERLEY A. RIDEOUT Dec. 9, 1939 – July 18, 1997 I believe
there are angels among us. They are sent down to us from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me in our darkest hour to show us how to live, to teach
us how to give, and guide us with the light of love. Thanks for watching over
us. Your son Patrick

July 19

In memory of Annette Turner Correia Dear Mom, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt,
Daughter-in-law, Friend, it’s been three years since you left us. You’re
thought of and missed every day of our lives. With all our love, our family
and friends

July 20
July 21

In loving memory of Charlotte Graham Cook June 9, 1911 – July 21, 2000
GOD’S GARDEN God looked around his garden. And found an empty place. He then
looked down upon the Earth, And saw your tired face. He put his arms around
you And lifted you to rest. God’s garden must be beautiful; He always takes
the best, He knew that you would never Get well on Earth again. He saw the
road was getting rough, And the hills were hard to climb, So he closed your
weary eyelids And whispered, “”Peace be thine.” It broke our hearts to lose
you, But you didn’t go alone, For part of us went with you The day God called
you home We love and miss you greatly, Your family

July 22

9/11/1944 – 7/22/2000 It has been a year since you left
us. You are no longer in pain. We all miss you and will be joining you
sometime in the future. God bless you, and our prayers are with you. Love,
Chris, Pierre, Mittens, Precious and all your relatives and friends

IVAH WHITE Dec. 4, 1926 – July 22, 1991 In loving memory of our mother and grandmother who left
us ten years ago today. Although you are gone your spirit will live on
forever. We have so many wonderful memories that we will treasure forever. A
blooming flower, a beautiful summer day, your grandchildren, taking a walk,
going fishing, garage sales, picking berries, swimming at the lake, your
beautiful smile and many more. We will love you forever. Love Etta, Wayne,
Lynn, Erin
July 23

In Memory of Todd E. Charbonneau 3/19/1961 – 7/23/2000 Dearest Little
Brother, It doesn’t seem like it’s been one year ago that you lost your
battle with Cancer and were taken from us. Sometimes I close my eyes, just
to see you face — but when I hear that familiar song I realize you are,
“”already there” — take a look around, you are the sunshine in my hair,
the shadow on the ground, you are the whisper in the wind, the beat in our
hearts, in the moonlight shining down. You are in my prayers, in our
dreams,… Toddy, you are with us wherever we are… Always in my heart,
Your fishing buddy.

In Memory of PAULINE L. GRAVES 5/2/33 – 7/23/00 As I sat watching your bed, A million thoughts ran
through my head. I wondered of just how much you were aware, I hope you knew I
was there. Upon the cross you gave to me I held your hand and made a plea, I
asked God to take your pain, He took the deal, he knew it would be his gain. I
would take it back for my selfish loss, My own life, anything. No matter the
cost. If I could have just one wish, it would be to tell you just once more,
“”I LOVE YOU MA!”” As I had before. While our lives seem to all be in lingo, I
just pray there’s a place called “HEAVEN”” And you’re there playing bingo
July 27
7/27/1961 – 2/16/2001 Happy 40th birthday! We love you and miss you very
much. From all your family and friends
July 28
4/2/1975 – 6/28/2000 It has been a year since you left us. No day goes by that
we don’t think of you. We all miss you very much. You will always be in our
minds and in our hearts. We thank you for the memories that you gave us. We
will always love you. Love always- Laurie, Michael, Mike & Candi
July 29

JAMES JOHN MARTIN 5/26/46 – 7/29/95 Dad, Six years without you — even now it’s
so hard to believe. We still love and miss you every minute of every day. We
were so lucky to have you for our father; selfishly, we wish we had more time,
but heaven is lucky now. We will save a dance for you on August 18th. Love,
Lori and Jamie P.S. — Say hello to Dale for us.

July 30

. 7/30/1920 – 3/9/1993 Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you
and miss you. Jenni, Katie, Danny & Brian

July 31

7/11/1944 – 7/31/2000 A million times I needed you, a
million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would
have died. In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still. In my
heart you hold a place that no one could ever fill. Your wife, Nan


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