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February 10, 2007

Military Pension Applications

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Dr. Jonathan Blackmar and Descendants (War of 1812)

By Miss Louisiana  B. Blackmar, Washington D.C. 

As printed in NGS Quarterly, Vol 22

Dr. Jonathan Blackmar served in the War of 1812 at Plattsburg, NY as Surgeon’s mate, 1st Regt. Detached Militia, Vermont.  His name appears on the field & Staff muster roll for Sept. 17, 1812. Time of appearing at regiment rendezvous to Dec. 1, 1912.Roll date__________not dated

Date of commencing service, Sept. 17, 1812

Expiration of Service, October 27, 1812

Number of miles traveled to and from Burlington 100 miles

Remarks: Travel calculated to the place of rendezvous only.


Pay roll: $106.82 Martindale’s (1) Regt. of Vermont. 

Surgeon’s mate was used in both the Revolutionary war and War of 1812 and corresponds to that of Assistant Surgeon as the rank is at present. 

Dr. Jonathan Blackmar was b. in Rupert, Vermont (Some authorities give him as being of Conn. birth). 20 January 1767; d. in Dorset, Vt., 8 April 1813; married Ruth, daughter of Reuben Harmon, Jr. (the coiner of Vermont), b. in Rupert, Vermont. 20 August 1776, d. in Northville, NY, 8 August 1844. They were married in Rupert, Vt 1792. Their children were:

Reuben Harmon Blackmar b. 1793 in Rupert, Vermont 11 August. Died in Cleveland, Ohio, 3 March 1862. married in Bennington, Vermont in 1816 Amanda Cushman, b. in Hartford, NY 16 February 1798, d. in Cleveland, Ohio 10 December 1847

Simeon d. February 15, 1795 aged 1 year 2 days

Hiram d. October 17, 1797 aged 1 year 8 months.

Hiram J. b. 1799, married Fanny Collins in Bennington, Vermont

Ruth b. 1801 d. in infancy

Reuben Harmon Blackmer and Amanda Cushman had 10 children, only the following are known to me:

Maria Cushman b. September 14, 1817, Dorset, Vermont; died in Cleveland, Ohio; married George Worthington, Cleveland Ohio, in hardware business. They had large family of children: Some were Mary Butts, Ralph, Clara, George (now living in Bennington Vermont), Addie

Charles Cushman, lived to be 21 years old, unmarried

Mary, married a widower, had several children

Armand (Harmon) Edward Blackmar, b. in Bennington, Vermont, 30 May 1826, died in New Orleans, Louisiana, 28 October, 1888, married Margaret B. Meara in 1861. She was born 15 November, 1838 in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. died in Washington, D.C. 15 April 1925. They had four children. 

Henry Clay, b. in Bennington Vermont d. in New Orleans, Louisiana 1910

Hiram J. Blackmar and Fanny Collins, their children:

John Collins who m. Janet Pratt of Shushan, NY in 1874 was p.m. of Manchester, Vermont

Samuel Huling Blackmar m. Fanny Abbott Old Bennington, Vermont

Ward and Mary Bailey (Sargent)

Bailey, Ward and Mary (Sargent) (W15,555; Vt Lieut; NH Agcy; Cert 1,071 Issued June 26, 1837 Act July 4, 1836, Sec 3, at $160.00 per an. from Mch 4, 1831) Mary Bailey applies for pension on December 24, 1836, age 93, from Columbia, Coos Co. NH; widow of Ward Bailey who was a resident of Maidenstone, Vermont when he entered the service April 6, 1778. He served 11 months 25 days as private in Capt. Luther Richardson’s co. Col. Timothy Bedel’s Regt. Vt. Troops from the spring of 1780 or 81, he served as a lieutenant for 8 months each year for 2 or 3 years. mainly in guarding the settlements on the Conn. river from Indians. She was married to ward Bailey February 7, 1765 in Mathren, Mass by Rev. Christopher Sargent, her father, Her name was Mary Sargent & her husband was then a resident of Bridgewater Mass. He died December 26, 1823, in Lexington, Essex Co., Vermont. 

The widow died January 13, 1840 in Columbia, N. Part of the time this family lived in Northumberland NH during the Rev. War, near the fort & opposite Maidenstone, Vt. on the other side of the Conn. river. 

Children of Ward Bailey and Mary Sargent, in 1841

Orasmus, died in Eaton, Canada before December 24, 1836

Susannah Halley, widow, resident of Eaton Canada

Mary Beach, resident of Sharon, Ohio

Abigail Bradley, resident of Fryeburg, Maine

Ira Bailey, resident of Victor, NY

John Bailey, resident of Columbia, NH

(No further family data on file.)

Andrew and Rubie Wheatley (Blodget)

Wheatley, Andrew & Rubie (Blodget) (W19,614, Conn. O.M. Vt Agcy; Cert 10,353 issued May 7, 1819 Act Mch 18, 1818, at $20.00 per mo. from May 11, 1818 date of application from Hardwick Caledonia Co. Vt. B.L. Wt. 7,059 – 160 – 55) He entered the service January 1777, was commissioned Q.M. in Col. John Durkee’s Regt. Gen. James Mitchel Varnum’s brigade, Conn. line, served 2 1/2 years & then resigned owing to ill health. His comm. was signed by John Hancock, Pres. of Congress.June 19, 1820 Andrew Wheatley, age 70, living in Hardwick, Vermont, says that his wife, age 52 & 2 unmarried daughters (Mary age 25 & Roxy age 20) are living.

September 18, 1838 Daniel Blodget, of Chelsea, Orange Co. Vt, age 76, declares that he is a brother of Rubie Wheatley, of Hardwick, Vermont. She came with me from Stafford, Conn., to Lebanon, NH, about March 1, 1784. “I was married at Lebanon April of that year & my sister Rubie was married to Andrew Wheatley of said Lebanon in December following by Rev. Isaiah Potter at said Potter’s house. They lived in Lebanon a number of years and then removed to Hardwick, Vermont.”

Rubie Wheatley applied September 21, 1838 & declares that she is the widow of Andrew Wheatley who died July 7, 1836. She was married to the latter by Isaiah Potter, congressional minister December 29, 1784 & her maiden name is Rubie Blodget

Bible Record

Andrew Wheatley b. March 20, 1750

Susanna Wheatley b. November 4, 1785

Susan Wheatley b. September 7, 1787

Ward Wheatley b. November 4, 1789

Lucinda Wheatley b. November 12, 1792

Rubie Blodget b. March 20, 1750

Mary Wheatley b. January 7, 1795

Fanny Wheatley b. June 8, 1797

Roxana Wheatley b. May 12, 1800

John Wheatley b. November 20, 1804


Andrew Wheatley and Rubie Blodget were married December 29, 1784

Benjamin Perkins and Susan Wheatley were married February 8, 1812

Ward Wheatley and Mary Stevenson were married December 25, 1813

Nathaniel Willis and Lucinda Wheatley were married November 15, 1814

Levi Hodge and Fanny Wheatley were married December 26, 1817

Herman William Walbridge Miller and Mary Ward Wheatley were married February 14, 1822


Moses Norris (Revolutionary War)
Norris, Moses (N.H. W19929) mustered at Exeter, N.H. in 1782, and was of Derby Vermont in 1817, when he applied for a pension. He was a minister, and his brother, John, also served in the Revolution. He died at Derby, July 24, 1840, and his widow – Rachel (Moulton) Norris, whom he had married at Corinth, Vermont in September 1790, was also pensioned. She was still living at Derby, aged 90 years, in 1855, when she obtained a Bounty Land Warrant, on account of her husband’s services. In 1820 Moses Norris had, in his family, besides his wife, Rachel, three daughters: Huldah, 26 years, Sarah, 18 years, and Hannah, 16 years of age.
Jonathan Davis
(S 39, 4-19; Cert. 18,516, issued March 21, 1821, Act of March 18, 1818 & May 1, 1820 at $8.00 per mo. from April 18, 1818 Vt. Agcy., Mass. service, private). Applied April 1, 1818, from Marshfield, Washington Co., Vt. March 12, 1821, he was 69; enlisted March 20, 1776, under Capt. Jabez Keep, Col. Smith’s Regt., Mass. Line & served until February 1, 1777; also served in 1775 & was at the taking of Burgoyne, where he lost the sight of his left eye by a wound in the face. September 1777, he joined the service at Bennington under Capt. Hill, Col. Leddyers & served three months. December 31, 1821, Mercy Reid, of Cheshire Co., N.H. age 54, declares she is a sister of Jonathan Davis. 
Benjamin Davis
S 39, 493; Cert. 2,805, issued September 23, 1818, Act of Mch. 18, 1818 at $20.00 per mo. from April 14, 1818; Vt. agcy., N.H. service, ensign.) He applied for pension April 14, 1818 from Rockingham, Windham Co., Vt. entered the service January 1776 and served as an ensign in 2nd Regiment, N.H. Line under Col. James Reed, in Capt. Hinds Co, served the first 8 months as Orderly Sgt.; left the service owing to ill health.June 20, 1820 as a resident of Rockingham, Vermont, age 76, wife age 80, he declared “I have no children that depend upon me for support.”

Hezekiah Wetherlee of Grafton, Vermont declares that in December 1775 or January 1776, he enlisted as a private soldier under Benjamin Davis, then an ensign as above stated. 

William Nutt (Revolutionary War)
William Nutt (NH R7744) was born in Francestown, N.H. and lived there until 1796 when he moved to Topsham, Vt., where he lived until his death January 20, 1833, aged 72 years, a Revolutionary Pensioner. His widow died August 11, 1838. Her maiden name was Mary Brewster, and she was the sister of Isaac Brewster, and had a sister who married William Hopkins (who was 83 years old in 1846) in 1789. At her death Mary left five surviving children, and they, in 1846, applied for pension, believed to be due them. Their names were: Isaac B. Nutt, Jane Mills, Benjamin Nutt, Emma Nutt and Thomas Nutt, who acted as administrator.
Jonathan Norris 
Jonathan Norris, born December 12, 1765; enlisted in 1782 at Exeter, N.H. In 1818 he was a resident of Craftsbury, Vermont; in 1835 of Ticonderoga, N.Y.; and he died November 25, 1839 at Moriah, New York.  He married June 12, 1791 at Corinth, Vermont, Sobriety Drew. Sobriety Drew was born October 27, 1772 and was living at Crown Point, New York, in 1848, having received a pension as the widow of Jonathan Norris. 

Children of Jonathan and Sobriety Norris

Clark Drew, b. February 18, 1792 m. Abigail Hill October 22, 1818

Samuel, b. October 12, 1793; m. Oleva Hadley, July 25, 1814

Jonathan Jr. b. February 21, 1795; m. Lucinda Cross, October 12, 1820

Hulda b. 1796; m. Myron L. Kimball, August 28, 1821; died 1822

Doratha, b. September 22, 1802

Manassah, b. July 2, 1806

Joseph Ham, b. August 14, 1811


Beeman, Samuel
(S 12, 152; Cert. No. 20,246, issued August 13, 1838, Act of June 7, 1832, at $75.00 per annum from March 4, 18331, N.Y. service, Sgt. Green Mt. Boys, N.Y. Agcy.)He applied August 28, 1832, from Hampton, Washington Cty, N.Y.; was born September 12, 1755 at Amenia, Dutchess Co. N.Y.. He enlisted May 1775, at Shoreham, Vermont, 3 months under Col. Ethan Allen, Green Mountain Boys, and served at various times for 1 year 9 months and 7 days under the following officers: he enlisted 1776 at Amenia New York for 9 months under Captain Paine, N.Y. Troops; in 1977, as private under Captain Colby Chamberalin, Col. Humphrey’s N.Y. Regt, for 6 months. In 1778 he served 3 months as Sgt. under Capt. Joshua Gale, Col. Roswell Hopkins, and in the same year also was an express. August 10, 1832 Peleg Douglass, of Chatrangay, Franklin County, declares that he was born in 1751, knew Samuel Beeman who married his sister. August 10, 1832 Nathan Beeman, of said Chatrangay, declares that Samuel Beeman of Hampton, Washington Cty, N.Y. is his brother and that this deponent lived with his father at Manchester, Vermont, in 1776, and was then in the service in Col. Warrne’s Regt; and his father received a letter from his brother, Samuel, stating that he, the said Samuel, was then engaged as a soldier at Fort Montgomery, near N.Y., and was sick and wished to return home and requested his father to send this deponent to take his place and serve out the remainder of his term of enlistment; and that this deponent was then in service in Col. Warner’s Regt. & did not go. 
Elihu Allen &Orelena
(W 10, 351; Cert 6, 310; Vt. private) widow b. 1774; age 83 applied September 19, 1857. She declares she is widow of Elihu Allen, formerly physician, Welliston, Vt. & served as private in Vt. forces during Rev. War. Entered as an officer’s waiter, age 15, & enlisted August 1777, in Capt. N. Smith’s Co – repeated enlistments enumerated covering 156 days, the last in Capt. James Brooking’s Co. Inf.; Col. Fletcher, July 1, 1781 & disch. Sept. 10, 1781 M. Elihu Allen, February 1816, at Hardwick, Vt. by Rev. Nathaniel Rawsen, as his 2d w. Her name was Orelena Fish, wid. of Elisha Fish. Elihu Allen d. Dec. 1, 1816 at Welliston. Her atty. was her s. Paul (or Saul) J. Fish, Brooklyn, N.Y. Advastus Fish, age 60, printer, Brooklyn, declares he is s. of Orelena Allen, etc. July 6, 1857, Electa Randall, wid. Dr. Theophilus Randall, age 64, declares she is eldest ch. living of Dr. Elihu Allen, late of Welliston, Vt. Her mother was his first wife. Married 2d. in 1816 and had two elder bros. Edward and Nathan (now decd.), all were in Rev. War. He was a relative of Col. Ethan Allen. She m. & left home the year he died. Family papers were put in hands of her brother, the late Dr. Ralph Allen, Peru, N.Y.

Dr. Herman Allen, Deckertown, N.J. age 78, declares he is bro. of late Dr. Elihu Allen & of Edward and Nathan Allen, bros. also decd. At time of Herman’s enlistment he resided with his father (no name given) at Clarendon, Rutland Co., Vermont

(From Bounty Land Appn.) Aug 4, 1857, Francis G. Fish, Brooklyn, N.Y., age 63, he published newspaper in 1816 at Burlington, Vermont. Orelena Allen his mother then lived in Welliston, Vt. with her husband, Dr. Elihu Allen, then about 54 years. No other family details.

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