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April 3, 2007

Burlington Free Press Memorials 08/2000

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August 2000

August 1
In Memoriam BOB BERGAMO January 25, 1948 – August 1, 1994 “”Always in our hearts.” -Mom, Dad, Brother Dante
In Loving Memory of LAURA LOWELL & STEVEN DRAPER August 1, 1995 – 2 p.m. Five years ago today you were taken from us. A part of us died with you. There are no words to express how much you are missed. Together forever – forever young. -All our love from Laura’s family.
Leo A. Martin 7/16/37 – 8/1/96 Four years have slipped by since you left us. Your spirit will live on forever with all who loved you. Your Loving Family.
August 7
DAVID A. DEROUCHIE 2/27/80 – 8/7/87 If life was a puzzle, then I have some very special pieces in mine. One of my favorite pieces is you, Dave. Because of all the wonderful connections you made in your puzzle, it made my puzzle bigger and better. A lot of people have the very same piece in their puzzle now and guess God wanted that very special piece to add to His as well. We love and miss you. Ron, Brian, Mom and Doug
DAVID A. DEROUCHIE His spirit lives on 2/27/80 – 8/7/98 We love and miss you. You are always in our hearts and on our minds. Love, Dad, Wendy, Ronnie, Brian, Joe, Eric Jen and Josh
August 10
LISA O’BRIEN ZIEGLER 7/26/63 – 8/10/99 We love you. We miss you. Love, Mom & Dad, Ryan, Erick, Mark, Susan, Mike, Chris & families.
August 11
FRED PILON 11/14/49 – 8/11/99 Your gentle face and patient smile with sadness I recall. You had a kindly word for each and died beloved by all. The voice is mute and stilled the heart, that loved me true. Ah, bitter was the trial part from one as good as you. You are not forgotten, loved one. Nor will you ever be, As long as life and memory lasts I will remember thee. I miss you now, my heart is sore, As time goes by I miss you more, Your loving smile, your gentle face, No one can fill your vacant place. Until we meet again my love… Your loving wife, Kelly.
FRED PILON 11-14-49 – 8-11-99 Fred, I will love you and miss you forever. Your wife, Kelly
August 13
FRANCIS F. RAYMOND, SR. 3-26-1908 to 8-13-1979 Dad, God took the best when He laid you to rest. Mom is resting with you now. ”Sweet Dreams.” -Your Loving Daughter, Judie
PAULINE F. SMART 8/13/16-6/28/00 Mom, today is your Birthday & you’ve been gone such a short time. I’ve been feeling so empty and lonely inside. God has come to take you to be with him. You are now with your sons and my precious son Tim. Give them all a big hug, for one day we will all be together again. We love and miss you Mom so very much. Happy Birthday! Love, Sandra & family.
August 18
In Loving Memory of Darlene L. Moquin Tinker October 18, 1962 – August 18, 1994 You have been gone six years, it seems so long. I miss you during the special times in my life, especially this year. But someone special to both of us made sure I knew you were watching me when I needed you there the most. Love, Crystal It is hard to believe that six years have passed already. However, not a day or moment has passed without you in our thoughts. Everything has been done with you in mind, this year especially. We love and miss you! Randy, Diane, Crystal, Trevor, Shawn, Kevin, Corey, Henry, Mom, Dad, Rodney, Randy, and families.
August 23
In loving memory of JOHN TORPEY 8/23/73 – 2/14/92 We love and miss you. Mom, Dad, Beth, Michele
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